Receive a Pack

JJ Packs are available to any MAPS student and their younger siblings. For your student to start receiving a weekend food pack, call the school where your child attends and ask to talk with the school’s guidance counselor or secretary. Contact information for each school is listed below.

They will ask for the name(s) of your children, their grades, their teacher’s names, and if there are any other younger siblings in your home who would like a JJ Pack. If you are submitting a request for siblings who attend different schools, you only need to request once to one school. Your request will then be routed to each school’s JJ Packs coordinator. Your student(s) should find their first food pack in their backpack within 1-2 weeks.

Please note that volunteers who deliver the packs to lockers and classrooms aim to be very discreet and never deliver the pack directly to recipients. Bothwell packs are put into each student’s backpack by the JJ Packs coordinator. Food packs for elementary students are delivered to the classroom and the teacher then puts the pack in the student’s backpack, usually while the class is away at a special. 

Cherry Creek Elementary School (906) 225-4399
Sandy Knoll Elementary School (906) 225-4281
Superior Hills Elementary School (906) 225-4295
Bothwell Middle School (906) 225-4262
Marquette High School (906) 225-5353
Marquette Alternative High School (906) 225-4321